Shaker Cards

New Year Shaker Card 2019

Greeting shaker card for the New Year
New Year Shaker Card 2019 @creativemuseatwork

I would like to share with you a shaker card that I created for the New Year. It took me a while to make the card and to upload this post. In between grocery shopping for our traditional family party, attending reunions with friends and last minute gift-wrapping, I needed time away from all the craziness and this is what I have come up with.

Gold represents success, prosperity and wealth while the color white is associated with purity cleanliness and goodness. We all want to start the new year with a clean slate with the hope of success and prosperity to come. This became the inspiration for this card. It took several hours to complete.

Here are the supplies that I need:

  • Gold specialty board that I cut to 53/8 x 12 1/2
  • White specialty paper. I used a 270gsm
  • Champagne glass die and lace border die
  • Plastic acetate
  • Small sequins ( I used a gold star-shaped and white circle sequins)
  • Ruler
  • Scoring tool
  • Scissors, paper trimmer or guillotine trimmer
  • Glue/tape runner
  • Die cutting machine.


I designed my own pattern paper using Adobe Illustrator. I am a novice in using this software.


I prepared the base of the card by cutting the gold board paper to 5″3/8 x 12″1/2 and I scored it in the middle and fold it. I cut at least 1″ 1/4 on the other side of the paper and die cut the edge using my lace border die. the card and printed it in the white specialty paper

I cut the pattern paper with the gold Christmas balls and fireworks design to 5″1/8 x 5″1/4. I used the lace border die to get the exact measurement of the edge and adhere it in the center. I used a scoring tool to eyeball the center of the gold board.

In making a shaker card, I normally use a foam tape to adhere the die cut in the card. The thickness of the foam tape gives enough space for the sequins to move around when you shake it. In this case, however, I had to improvise because the dies that I used was so thin with intricate swirls and curves. It would be difficult for me to cut the foam tape so I decided to make several die cuts (5 pieces for each one) I used a white cardstock for the base of the die, a gold specialty board paper which I placed on top and the plastic acetate which I cut in the shape of the champagne bottle and glass. The plastic acetate would serve as the cover of the shaker.

Now here is the challenging part. I had to adhere the die cuts together using a fine tip glue. It would have been easier if I had an adhesive transfer paper in my stash. My thinnest double sided tape was not thin enough for the die cuts and I could not risk using a tape runner as it might rip the intricate small details of the die cut when I drag the tape down. This did not work with the plastic acetate so I had to make the tape runner work by carefully dragging it down. I put the sequins inside the die cut and adhere it in the card.

It was a very tedious process but I got it right in the end. Every project is a learning process and hopefully, I will have something more “creative” to post very soon. Happy New Year everyone!

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