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Hello fellow crafters! I am back to share a watercolor I recently bought online. I have seen this product in social media sites and I just cannot resist the temptation on getting one for myself. I have to admit, I normally do not want to invest in too many watercolors. Among the coloring mediums available, I have always struggled with watercolors. I find that it is not as forgiving as color pencils and markers but I do love how it can achieve such wonderful artwork despite its delicacy and subtlety. I stick to my ever faithful Sakura Watercolors and Zig Clean Color Brush Markers and they always get the job done. Before I go on any further, I have a disclaimer, I am no watercolor expert. This blog is just for the purposes of sharing my thoughts and experience in using this product.

Nomad Watercolor Palette @creativemuse
Superior Watercolor Palette @creativemuseatwork
Superior Watercolor Palette
Superior Watercolor Palette description at the back @creativemuseatwork

The product is called Superior Watercolor but it is advertised as NomadArt Premium Portable Watercolor in Giftzania, the online store where I got this on Facebook. I cannot figure out the name of the manufacturer as everything in the front and back label are all in Chinese or Japanese characters. I also tried searching online for any website that manufactured this product but all I found are resellers and no company of origin. It was actually on sale and I got it 50% less than it’s actual price. It does not have a box but it is placed inside a thick plastic container covered in a bubble wrap. So without further ado, here is the low-down of this cutie:


Superior Watercolor Palette
Superior Watercolor Palette 42 vibrant colors @creativemuseatwork

It comes in 18, 25, 32 and 42 color sets. I got the 42 colors as I am a lousy color mixer. I also found out that this also comes in a pastel set of 18 colors and cocktail set of 25 colors. I would love to get my hands on the pastel set in the future.

It comes with a refillable water brush placed on the side, a foam on top with a velcro attached for brush cleaning as well as three small mixing pans.

It has color labels stickers at the bottom of each swivel containers ranging from C1 – C43. It is quite odd though that they skipped C41.

The watercolor set is quite handy and perfect for traveling. I can imagine myself using this in an airplane or in a coffee shop. The color pans are placed in a swivel container that swings when you choose the color you need. I was at first disappointed on how thin the color pans are, but then, I remembered that portability is the concept of this product. So yeah, I think I am fine with that. To put it on a dry run, I made a swatch of each of the colors in a watercolor paper, and here are my observations:

Superior Watercolor Palette
Superior Watercolor Palette swatches @creativemuseatwork

The colors are bright and transparent and it layers well. I was actually surprised how nice the color payout was. It did not bleed and you can control the movement of the color in the paper. However, there are three colors that I struggled to work with: the colors black, C18-violet and C29-blue. The color black is not as intense as I wanted it to be. I am not sure if it’s just me or if they were not pigmented enough. Some of the colors also granulate, but this happens in some watercolors. I also struggled with the water brush included in the set. It is meant for big illustrations to color. It was too thick that it soaked in too much water and I can hardly get enough concentrated color. I wanted my swatch to show the color from its full strength and when it is saturated with water.

I also noticed that the colors in the pan are darker than it’s actual colors and the color labels do not match as well, so it is important that you make swatches that you can refer to when you are doing your coloring and make sure to mark them with their corresponding color codes. I also feel like the labels might come off when it comes in contact with water. It does not look like it’s laminated or has anything protecting it from moisture. I only use the sponge once I completely clean the brush. I don’t think they are refillable.

As I was swatching each color, I also noticed that it’s difficult to access the colors near the hinges. You have to swing the panels all the way up to access the colors otherwise you can only reach the sides of the color pans. The palette looks sturdy however, you may need a rubber band to hold the containers together.

Despite all these minor observations, I had fun using this palette. The colors are vibrant and easy to work with for a novice like me. I also think that once this palette is empty, I can use the container as a mixing pan or I can refill it with other watercolors. This is perfect for journaling, card-making and small illustrations and if you are into-adult-coloring books. 

I hope you have found my observations helpful! Till next time and happy crafting!